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Dmitriy Rozin

Based in New York City

Dmitriy was born in the Soviet Union; his family immigrated to the US in 1992 as Jewish refugees. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production and worked as a 2nd assistant camera on feature films such as "Fast Horses" (with Victor Argo) and "1999" (with Dan Futterman and Jennifer Garner). He also earned a Master's of Fine Arts in computer graphics and interactive media.


Soon after the graduate school Dmitriy returned to film and video editing but continued to pursue his passion for directing, creating short films and documentaries and working as a cameraman. Several of his editing projects were featured at prestigious events such as Sundance, Cannes Film Festival, BAFTA awards, and the Student Academy Awards among others.

Dmitriy then spent several years working abroad, first in Switzerland, France, and Portugal filming sports car racing for Antradocs films. He later transitioned to roles as an editor and director for commercials and TV series in Russia and Estonia. Additionally, he served as a cameraman, director, and editor for corporate documentaries on Russian industries, involving extensive travel throughout the country. During this time, Dmitriy was also invited by Antradocs films to shoot and edit a multipart documentary in Japan, focusing on the local economy, religion, and the aftereffects of a recent tsunami.

Upon returning to New York, Dmitriy freelanced for NBC Universal (NBC Learn) and Vice Media among other creative agencies. He held a title of senior video editor at Group SJR until 2023 when he went back to freelancing.

In 2020, Dmitriy pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in directing from Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. His thesis film "Provincial Romance" was produced in Estonia, adding to his growing portfolio of directorial work. Dmitriy's body of work includes approximately a dozen short and documentary films. He is currently in post-production for his debut feature film "Beach Town Maidens."

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