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Beach Town LLC

Based in New York City


Dmitriy was born in Leningrad, the Soviet Union, his family immigrated to the US in 1992 as Jewish refugees. He studied Film Production, worked as a 2nd assistant cameraman in such feature films as Fast Horses (with Victor Argo), 1999 (with Dan Futterman and Jennifer Garner), and others. He also received a Master's of Fine Arts from Pratt, then returned to film and video editing, and continued making short films and working on documentaries as a cameraman.
Some of those films made their way to Sundance, Cannes Film Festival's programs, BAFTA awards, Student Academy long list, and others.
Some years Dmitriy spent working in Europe, filming sports car racing and editing commercials and TV series in Russia and Estonia. He also was a cameraman/director/editor for a number of documentaries on Russian industries, traveling with a camera across the country before 2014. He was also invited to shoot and edit a multipart documentary in Japan on the local economy, religion, and the aftereffects of the recent tsunami.
Back in New York, Dmitriy worked on video programs for the Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center project, actualized by American, Spanish, Russian, and German professionals. He then proceeded to freelance for NBC Universal (NBC Learn) and Vice Media and edited documentaries on Eastern Ukrainian conflict and disabled children of Siberia.

In 2020 Dmitriy earned an MFA degree in directing. His thesis film Provincial Romance was produced in Estonia. He worked as a senior video editor at a content agency in New York while writing and developing feature film scripts and filming a documentary on a para olympian.

In 2023, Beach Town LLC was formed to produce Beach Town Maidens, a Hamptons romance fantasy thriller, which is currently in post-production in New York City.

Maxim's distinctive visual style is raw and clean, influenced by his education in painting and set design. Maxim Repin originally studied set design and painting in his native Russia. After moving to Moscow, he quickly became established as the hot photographer of the emerging Russian fashion scene, shooting for NUMÉRO, L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, PF magazine, ELLE, GQ, InStyle amongst others. After ascending to the top of the Russian fashion scene, he packed up his camera and took the leap into the heart of the world's fashion industry, New York City. Four years later, his works have graced many international publications from his adopted home town.

Later, he also fell in love with color grading and completed a TV pilot for Brick City called Ocean Warriors. He also filmed and graded music videos for Schur and Julia Bhansali.

In 2023, he formed Beach Town LLC with Dmitriy. Beach Town Maidens film is his feature producing debut.

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